[xsde-users] memory management of "variable length" elements

Ivan Le Lann ivan.lelann at free.fr
Mon Sep 13 04:49:36 EDT 2010

Hi Boris,

Quoting myself :

> eVC++ 4.0 users would not complain just because they cannot tweak 
> as far as they could with a decent compiler, would they ?

I forgot to mention that even users of poor C++ compilers could still 
change the default pointer behavior by editing libxsde.
What they would not be able to do is to change pointer behavior 
only for specific types.

The only way to allow them to do so would be to forget type traits and 
rather extend the command line.
Something like extending  "--custom-type", to directly generate the good 
pointer name instead of type traits, and handle headers inclusion somehow.
Libxsde template sequences would then need a typedef in generated types
to have correct behavior.

I don't know which way is the best. Maybe you dislike them equally ? :-)


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