[xsde-users] memory management of "variable length" elements

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Sep 13 11:38:06 EDT 2010

Hi Ivan,

Ivan Le Lann <ivan.lelann at free.fr> writes:

> The only way to allow them to do so would be to forget type traits and 
> rather extend the command line.

Yes, that would probably be preferable. As general guidelines for XSD/e,
we should always prefer to generate simpler, even if less elegant, code
rather than rely on more advanced features such as templates. It also
needs to work equally well with all possible configurations of XSD/e
(STL/no-STL, exceptions/no-exceptions, etc).

Also, in this particular case the ideal is no changes to the way things
are currently done if the custom pointer option is not used. I think
the problematic part will be var_sequence and var_iterator. Would you
like to propose how we can handle them?

Also, provided there is a way to clone var-length nodes, would you
still need this feature? 


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