[xsde-users] XML schema validation (XSD) and XSD/e

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jan 28 05:35:25 EST 2011

Hi Witek,

Witek Piet <travelwitek at gmail.com> writes:

> <simpleType name="trigger_interval">
>   <restriction base="int">
>     <minInclusive value="1"/>
>     <maxInclusive value="3600"/>
>   </restriction>
> </simpleType>
> I had expected that the parser/serialization code generated by XSD/e would
> include validation of the range for elements of type trigger_interval - but
> it does not.

The numerical facets are not supported in the current release (3.1.0) but
are implemented in the upcoming 3.2.0 (it is in the final testing stage and
should be out in the next few weeks). If you would like, you can try the
beta version, which is available here:


Generally, the list of validated XML Schema constructs for parsing is listed
in the C++/Parser Getting Started Guide:


And for serialization -- in the C++/Serializer Getting Started Guide:


The above documentation is for 3.1.0 so if you would like to see the list
for 3.2.0, you will need to download the beta.


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