[xsde-users] XML schema validation (XSD) and XSD/e

Witek Piet travelwitek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 04:39:25 EST 2011

Dear Support,

I am using XSD/e for serialization and parsing of data. I as I have a
question regarding which type of validation is performed by XSD/e. More
specifically I have added the following to my XSD-file:

<simpleType name="trigger_interval">
  <restriction base="int">
    <minInclusive value="1"/>
    <maxInclusive value="3600"/>

I had expected that the parser/serialization code generated by XSD/e would
include validation of the range for elements of type trigger_interval - but
it does not. Could you please elaborate on which type of validation XSD/e

Thanks in Advance,

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