[xsde-users] Duplicate Class Names Across Multiple XML/XSD Schema Implementations

Bob.Oneil at L-3Com.com Bob.Oneil at L-3Com.com
Mon Mar 15 15:20:58 EDT 2010

It would seem that when combining multiple XSD files not the same
project, and building a driver which sequences from reading and
validating one XML file followed by another,

that when building under Eclipse under 64-bit Linux (and in general
other configurations), that the names of the settings in the XSD file
should be unique to avoid any type

of collisions.   For example, if the XSD files contain an element named
"Author" in both files, GCC will report collisions on the class names
even if the elements are at different

leafs of the XSD tree.     Perhaps best practices when using multiple
XSD file support in the same executable is to specific that unique names
should be used in the XSD files

to prevent such collisions.   Perhaps you have other solutions that
would remove this restriction.

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