[xsde-users] Cross-compilation libxsde for PPC under vxWorks

Jaws jaws75 at tiscali.it
Tue Apr 20 09:01:36 EDT 2010

I have started with the xsde compiler on a Linux machine using the 
binary distribution to see the example and to prototype the code for my 
application. Everything went well.
Now I have to use the code for the real target: PPC processor on vxWorks.
I need to cross-compile the run-time library but It is not clear how  to 
I downloaded the xsde-3.1.0+dep.tar.bz2 package but starting the command 
./build.sh this is the error

make-3.79.1-p7: Entering directory `xsde-3.1.0+dep/build-0.3.4'
build/bootstrap.make:255: *** Recursive variable `find-bootstrap-base' 
references itself (eventually).  Stop.
make-3.79.1-p7: Leaving directory `xsde-3.1.0+dep/build-0.3.4'

Then, I f I well understood, I need to specify the proper compiler to use

CXX=g++-ppc CXXFLAGS=-O3 MAKEFLAGS=-j4 ./build.sh

Is it correct?

thanks in advance

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