[xsde-users] "Hello world" document_pimpl::parse() crash when built in VS 2008

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Apr 12 10:05:55 EDT 2010

Hi Dmitry,

Dmitry Balakhonsky <dnomaid at gmail.com> writes:

> First of all I build xsde.lib using the config from etc\vc-9.0\
> (It builds for PocketPC2003/ARMv4 - can this be an issue?)
> Then I create Win32 Smart Device Project (Windows Mobile 5.0
> Smartphone, Windows Application).

Yes, this is most likely the problem. I am surprised you didn't get 
any link errors. I suggest that you perform the following steps to 
build xsde.lib for the "Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone/Win32" target:

1. Use one of the WinCE configuration files in etc\vc-9\ as a base
   but adjust the values in the "Toolchain" section to match your
   target. The best way is to open the "Project Properties" dialog
   for the Win32 Smart Device project you have created and copy
   the command lines from there. At a minimum, you will want to
   replace the CPPFLAGS variable values since they are all ARM-

2. Copy the vcvarssd.bat file from the same directory and update it 
   to match your setup. The instructions in this file will guide you
   for where to look for possible values.

3. In a new terminal window, execute the BAT-file created on step 2.
   Then build xsde.lib with nmake.

Let us know if this doesn't help.


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