[xsde-users] "Hello world" document_pimpl::parse() crash when built in VS 2008

Митя Балахонский dnomaid at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 09:25:42 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to engage XSD/e in a Windows Mobile 5.0 project.
(To reproduce this you must have Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone SDK installed)

First of all I build xsde.lib using the config from etc\vc-9.0\
(It builds for PocketPC2003/ARMv4 - can this be an issue?)
Then I create Win32 Smart Device Project (Windows Mobile 5.0
Smartphone, Windows Application).

I put the source code from examples\cxx\hybrid\hello\driver.cxx
Into the WndProc():

case IDM_OK:
			hello_paggr hello_p;
			xml_schema::document_pimpl doc_p (hello_p.root_parser (),
hello_p.root_name ());
			hello_p.pre ();
			static const char * KTestXml =
			</hello>" ;
			doc_p.parse (KTestXml, strlen(KTestXml), true);
		catch (const xml_schema::parser_exception& e)
			return 1;
		catch (const std::ios_base::failure&)
			return 1;

Then I add 6 files generated by
xsde.exe cxx-hybrid --no-long-long --generate-parser
--generate-aggregate hello.xsd

I specify
xsde.lib in the Additional Dependencies section of the Linker-Input options
secchk.lib in the Ignore Specific Library section

It builds ok.
Then I put a break-point on the line:
doc_p.parse (KTestXml, strlen(KTestXml), true);

I press F5, the debug starts, the blank window with Ok softkey shows
(on the device or the emulator)
Then I press Ok, the breakpoint hits, I press F10 and the program
crashes (the DestroyWindow(hWnd); line doesn't get executed)

The following lines appear in the Output Window:
Data Abort: Thread=81dd0918 Proc=802fe110 'XSDETest2.exe'
AKY=00080001 PC=0001195c(XSDETest2.exe+0x0000195c)
RA=0001193c(XSDETest2.exe+0x0000193c) BVA=28000000 FSR=00000007

Thanks in advance

Best regards,
   Dmitry Balakhonsky

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