[xsde-users] GML 3.2.1

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jul 9 21:04:50 EDT 2009

Hi Jerry,

Jerry Blinten <jblinten at gmail.com> writes:

> Has anyone successfully generated code from this schema or can offer 
> any advice on the required steps?

I was able to compile this schema in the file-per-type mode. For more
information on this mode see this blog post (it talks about XSD but
it works the same in XSD/e):


I also had to add a little bit of "syntactic sugar" to a few files to
help XSD/e establish correspondence between particles in inheritance
by restriction. We plan to address this in the next release of XSD/e
so that these changes won't be necessary. The patch is available



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