[xsde-users] GML 3.2.1

Jerry Blinten jblinten at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 14:38:46 EDT 2009

I am working with a schema that requires OpenGIS GML 3.2.1 and have "hit the
wall" with XSDe code generation.


I have read the forum discussions on GML
(http://wiki.codesynthesis.com/Schemas/GML and
http://wiki.codesynthesis.com/Talk:Schemas/GML). Unfortunately, the
discussion is a bit dated with references up to GML 3.1.1. It seems that the
circular references are even deeper with 3.2.1.


Has anyone successfully generated code from this schema or can offer any
advice on the required steps?


Thanks for your help & best regards,





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