[xsd-users] XQuery on object model

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Aug 11 09:53:57 EDT 2010

Hi Erik,

Erik Sjölund <erik.sjolund at gmail.com> writes:

> It would be cool to combine these functionalities:
> * "hybrid" functionality ( as provided by xsd-e ). This would be for
>   increasing the read speed.

The hybrid part in the C++/Hybrid mapping in XSD/e allures to the
fact that this mapping can be used in a hybrid, partially in-memory,
partially event-driven mode. It also happens to be fater than 
C++/Tree but that's not why it was called C++/Hybrid.

> * XQuery on object model
> Option 1: using XSD
> ------------------------
> It does not seem possible because "hybrid" functionality and "XQuery
> on object model" functionality is missing.

The "hybrid" use is possible with a bit of work. See the 'streaming'
example in XSD 3.3.0 for more information. The XQuery part is still
planned for the next major release.

> Option 2: using XSD-E ( GPL v2 )
> ---------------------------
> It does not seem possible because  "XQuery on object model"
> functionality is missing.

Correct. There are also no plans to provide this functionality
since XQuery is probably too heavy-weight for most mobile/embedded

> And trying to implement  "XQuery on object model" functionality myself
> with Xqilla or Zorba ( Apache license v2 ) is not possible due to 
> license incompatibilities.

We can make an exception to the license, similar to what we have
done for Xerces-C++ in XSD.

> By the way, is it a correct analysis that it is not possible to link
> XSD with software licensed under GPL version 3?

Appears to be the case according to the GNU website. The FLOSS exception
would cover this but we should probably add an explicit exception to 
allow linking with software licensed under any "open source" license.


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