Best-Effort Support

We provide free, best-effort technical support for all our projects. Simply send an email to one of the following mailing lists with the description of a bug or a problem that you encountered. Please follow the Posting Guidelines to receive a prompt reply.

odb-users Support mailing list for ODB, an object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++.
xsd-users Support mailing list for XSD, an XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler.
xsde-users Support mailing list for XSD/e, an XML Schema to C++ compiler for mobile, embedded, and light-weight applications.
cli-users Support mailing list for CLI, a command line interface compiler for C++.
build-users Support mailing list for build2, a build system aimed at improving cross-platform C++ software building and library use.
libcutl-users Support mailing list for libcutl, a C++ utility library.
xsstl-users Support mailing list for XSSTL, an XML Schema Standard Type Library.
xsdbench-users Support mailing list for XSDBench, an XML Schema Benchmark.
libxsd-frontend-users Support mailing list for Libxsd-frontend, an XML Schema compiler frontend.

Priority Support

We also offer priority support which includes guaranteed response time as well as reasonable commercial effort to fix bugs or to provide work-arounds. Contact us for pricing information.

In addition to priority support, we offer a range of custom development and consulting services, including:

Contact us to discuss your custom development needs.