C++/Serializer: Validating XML Serialization

C++/Serializer is an event-driven, stream-oriented W3C XML Schema to C++ mapping for mobile and embedded systems. It generates validating serializer skeletons for data types defined in XML Schema which are then implemented to serialize application data to XML. In comparison to the traditional, tree-like data binding model, the C++/Serializer mapping allows you to create large XML documents that would not fit into memory, perform stream-oriented serialization, and use your own in-memory representation as a data source. For an introduction to the C++/Serializer mapping refer to the Hello World Example from the C++/Serializer Mapping Getting Started Guide.



Getting Started Guide An introduction to the C++/Serializer mapping with examples. Also available in PDF and PostScript.
XSD/e Compiler Manual The XSD/e compiler command line interface documentation.
XSD/e Wiki Pages XSD/e community resources, such as FAQs, HOWTOs, etc.


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XSD/e project page Source code, build instructions and other information for XSD/e compiler developers.
XML Schema Part 0: Primer An easily approachable description of the XML Schema facilities. It is oriented towards quickly understanding how to create schemas using the W3C XML Schema language.