C++/Hybrid: In-Memory XML Data Binding

C++/Hybrid is a light-weight, in-memory W3C XML Schema to C++ mapping for mobile and embedded systems. Provided with a schema, it generates C++ classes corresponding to XML Schema types as well as parsing and serialization code. The generated C++ classes represent the data stored in XML as a statically-typed, tree-like object model. C++/Hybrid supports fully in-memory as well as hybrid, partially event-driven, partially in-memory XML processing. The latter approach combines the ease and convenience of the in-memory processing model with the ability to minimize the use of RAM and handle documents that would otherwise not fit into memory. For an introduction to the C++/Hybrid mapping refer to the Hello World Example from the C++/Hybrid Mapping Getting Started Guide.



Getting Started Guide An introduction to the C++/Hybrid mapping with examples. Also available in PDF and PostScript.
XSD/e Compiler Manual The XSD/e compiler command line interface documentation.
XSD/e Wiki Pages XSD/e community resources, such as FAQs, HOWTOs, etc.


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XSD/e project page Source code, build instructions and other information for XSD/e compiler developers.
XML Schema Part 0: Primer An easily approachable description of the XML Schema facilities. It is oriented towards quickly understanding how to create schemas using the W3C XML Schema language.