C++/Tree: In-Memory XML Data Binding

The C++/Tree mapping generates C++ classes that represent data types defined in XML Schema, a set of parsing functions that convert XML documents to a tree-like in-memory object model, and a set of serialization functions that convert the object model back to XML. For an introduction to the C++/Tree mapping, refer to the Hello World Example from the C++/Tree Mapping Getting Started Guide.


The following diagram shows the main integration areas of the C++/Tree mapping and related technologies:

C++/Tree Mapping


C++/Tree Mapping Getting Started Guide An introduction to the C++/Tree mapping with examples. Also available in PDF and PostScript.
C++/Tree Mapping User Manual A comprehensive description of the C++/Tree mapping, including the parsing and serialization mechanisms. Also available in PDF and PostScript.
XSD Compiler Command Line Manual Compiler's command line interface documentation (available compiler options, etc).
C++/Tree Mapping FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about the C++/Tree mapping.
Schema Compilation Checklist A checklist-like run through the most commonly used XSD command line options.
C++/Tree Mapping Customization Guide A guide to customizing generated and XML Schema built-in types.
C++/Tree Mapping Wiki Page A resource page for the C++/Tree mapping on Code Synthesis Wiki.
XSD Wiki Page A resource page for XSD on Code Synthesis Wiki.


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XSD project page Source code, build instructions and other information for XSD compiler developers.
XSD contributions Various third-party contributions to XSD.
XML Data Binding in C++ An article in the C++ Source journal introducing XML Data Binding in C++.
XML Schema Part 0: Primer An easily approachable description of the XML Schema facilities. It is oriented towards quickly understanding how to create schemas using the W3C XML Schema language.