ODB User Quotes

"We are using ODB for Plasma Media Center in the KDE project. [...] Another appreciation I have for ODB is that the manual is very good, we couldn't use other C++ ORMs because their docs were very confusing. Plus there is support for Qt/SQlite which just works."
Shantanu Tushar Jha, KDE, in an e-mail to odb-users
"ODB fulfills a real need for a fully baked ORM solution for modern C++. I am finding ODB's API very intuitive and the well thought of book-like documentation has really eased the learning curve."
Devesh Agrawal, Infinio Systems Inc., in private communication
"Based on my few weeks spent with ODB, I have to say the tool is pretty impressive. I can't believe it's only been around for two years (what did people do before this?) In addition to the tool itself, ODB has two other things going for it: (1) the user manual, which is well-written, thorough and extremely useful, and (2) excellent support."
Sean T Stroud, Sandia National Laboratories, in private communication
"[ODB] is such a great source of code inspiration for both my work and my personal projects."
Davide Anastasia, in an e-mail to odb-users
"Thanks for the great library! I really think that [ODB] is the best out there as it is reasonably non-intrusive, and doesn't require hefty dependencies like Qt."
Wesley Harris, in an e-mail to odb-users
"I have to admit that ODB is a truly fantastic ORM framework which speeds up a lot my project implementation."
Cuong Minh Tran, in an e-mail to odb-users
"I just finished testing [ODB] and it works great! I changed the example a little to match my own schema and it works [from] the first try. And the best part is that it just [does] its part with Oracle. I tried another ORM library, QxOrm, I liked it but ODB is lighter than QxOrm."
Luis Valdés, in an e-mail to odb-users
"We have already evaluated Wt::Dbo and QxOrm and ODB is the one I would prefer at the moment because:
  1. Good and comprehensive documentation
  2. Much lower compile times compared to QxOrm
  3. More features than in Wt::Dbo
  4. Ease of use
  5. No need to change class declarations — I can still use the classes without ODB"
"Thank you again for this great product - there are not many libraries out there that are so well documented and well designed. It is a pleasure to use it."
Uwe Kindler, cetoni GmbH, in private communication
"We've been using ODB for persistency for a while now, and it is working very smoothly. There's some improvement possible, but very impressed."
Dieter Van de Walle, Newtec, in an e-mail to odb-users
"[ODB is] nice work! Good documentation as well."
B Hart, in an e-mail to odb-users