[xsde-users] using xsd/e on macOS 10.15

James Sutton jsutton at dolphin-com.co.uk
Wed Feb 26 08:52:32 EST 2020

Thanks for your help Boris,

All built and working with modified schema using 3.3.0

James Sutton
Dolphin Computing
www.dolphin-com.co.uk <http://www.dolphin-com.co.uk/>
www.seescore.co.uk <http://www.seescore.co.uk/>
www.playscore.co <http://www.playscore.co/>

> On 25 Feb 2020, at 14:54, Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com> wrote:
> Hi James,
> James Sutton <jsutton at dolphin-com.co.uk> writes:
>> However I couldn't guess the correction to the ambiguous shared_ptr
>> and other errors:
> I've published another pre-release with the fix so just get that
> and you should be good to go:
> https://codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/xsde/xsde-3.3.0.a12+dep.tar.bz2

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