[xsde-users] using xsd/e on macOS 10.15

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 20 09:05:22 EST 2020

James Sutton <jsutton at dolphin-com.co.uk> writes:

> When I run xsd on macOS 10.15 it gives the message
> : Bad CPU type in executable
> I guess it was built for 32-bit processor.

I am pretty sure.

> I hope there is a new 64-bit build available

We are working on getting all our tools easily buildable on every
platform from source packages but things are moving slower than
hoped and XSD/e is still probably at least several months out.

I think in the meantime the easiest would be to build the XSD/e
compiler from source using the old method, which shouldn't be
too onerous on Mac OS (unlike, say, Windows). Let me know if
this will work and I will send you the instructions.

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