[xsde-users] Compiling xsd/e generated code with gcc 5.4 --std=C++11

mortimer at vollbio.de mortimer at vollbio.de
Mon Sep 24 09:29:52 EDT 2018


I'm trying to compile code that includes code generated with xsd/e 
3.2.0. Everything works fine with the Visual Studio 2010 compiler but 
with gcc 5.4.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with --std=C++11 I get many compiler 
errors like

is implicitly deleted because the default definition would be ill-formed:
        struct parser_stack

error: ‘xsde::cxx::stack::stack(xsde::cxx::stack&)’ is private
        stack (stack&);

error: invalid initialization of non-const reference of type 
‘xsde::cxx::stack&’ from an rvalue of type ‘xsde::cxx::stack’

The call of the code generator looks like this:
xsde cxx-hybrid --generate-polymorphic --generate-parser 
--generate-aggregate <schema.xsd>

Is there a chance to solve this anyhow? I can't omit the C++11 option 
because the user code using the generated code already contains C++11 
language features as far as the Visual Studio compiler supports them.

Thank you very much in advance,

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