[xsde-users] Insert Raw XML with XSD/e serialization

Samuel Friedman samuel.friedman at cammlab.org
Tue Nov 29 13:09:29 EST 2016


That's a great idea! I had not thought about using Expat like that! I'll
give this a whirl hopefully by the end of next week.


On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 8:25 AM, Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com>

> Hi Samuel,
> Samuel Friedman <samuel.friedman at cammlab.org> writes:
> > I'm more than willing to test that the string I want to insert is well
> > formed XML and I would love to have some easy code to do so.
> I think your best option is to setup an Expat parser (part of libxsde)
> to parse your XML fragment as a memory buffer and then route all the
> callbacks to the underlying serializer (Genx) to be serialized. You
> will get both well-formedness validation from parsing and Genx will
> "embed" your fragment seamlessly into the output (indentation, etc).
> There is the evolution/passthrough example that shows how to do the
> second part of this. Setting up Expat should be pretty straightforward.
> Boris

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