[xsde-users] Potential Bug when Parsing xs:double?

Jonathan Haws Jonathan.Haws at sdl.usu.edu
Fri May 29 13:38:28 EDT 2015


Yes this is fixed in the latest pre-release.  Thanks for the help!

Do you know when this version will be released?


On 05/29/2015 09:23 AM, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Jonathan Haws <Jonathan.Haws at sdl.usu.edu> writes:
> > Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
> I think this is a bug that we have already fixed. I tried your
> test with the version from the repository and it works fine.
> Could you try the latest pre-release to confirm this:
> http://codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/xsde/
> Boris

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