[xsde-users] XSD/e for RaspberryPI (Rasbian Wheezy)

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sat May 11 18:09:41 EDT 2013

Hi Matthias,

In the future please keep your replies CC'ed to the xsde-users mailing
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Matthias Heise <matthias.heise at level12.eu> writes:

> Thanks for your reply. The website says "Don't see a binary for your
> platform? Let us know and we will build one for you." This is why I wrote a
> very simple Email ;)

Ah, I see. Normally development for a target like Raspberry Pi would
be done by cross-compiling from a host, such as an x86 GNU/Linux box.
And this is covered by the XSD/e binaries that are already provided.
So if you need a native binary for Raspberry Pi, then you will need
to build one yourself (see below).

> But you are right. I should have given you more details. So here's what I
> did (being on the Raspberry Pi in folder /home/pi/Downloads).
> 1. Download the source code
> wget http://www.codesynthesis.com/download/xsde/3.2/xsde-3.2.0+dep.tar.bz2
> 2. Unpack the sourcecode
> Tar xvf xsde-3.2.0+dep.tar.bz2
> 3. make
> Fails with error messages --> see attached file
> /home/pi/Downloads/xsde-3.2.0+dep/xsde/xsde/xsde.hxx:40:26: error: ?XSDFrontend::SemanticGraph::Path? has no member named ?native_file_string?
> [...]

Yes, this is a known issue with newer Boost versions which have changed
the filesystem library API.

I've uploaded the xsde-3.2.0-1+dep package that works with both new and
old versions of Boost. Can you give it a try? I successfully built it
on my x86_64 Debian Wheeze.


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