[xsde-users] v_state_, v_state_stack_, etc.

Eric Broadbent Eric.Broadbent at csr.com
Mon Nov 21 23:18:23 EST 2011

I am looking through the generated files in the example library parser, under examples/cxx/parser/generated


In the pskel files, I see a number of constructs and references to "v_state" and variations of that name:

	struct v_state_descr_
	struct v_state_

	::xsde::cxx::stack v_state_stack_;

These are not mentioned in the documentation - I wasn't able to find the string "v_state" in 

	Embedded C++/Hybrid Mapping Getting Started Guide
	Embedded C++/Parser Mapping Getting Started Guide
	Embedded C++/Serializer Mapping Getting Started Guide

Presumably it's because this is stuff that we don't need to monkey with at all - and guessing from the name it may have to do with validation.  Is there a reason to be aware of these v_state entities?


-Eric B.

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