"updated" [xsde-users] error "unable to open in read mode"

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Aug 22 12:29:11 EDT 2011

Hi Rashi,

Rashi Jha <rashij at cybage.com> writes:

> And in the corresponding driver code I created the structures for the 
> complex types which inherit the parser skeleton files.

I looked into your driver implementation and from the code it is clear
to me that you don't have a good understanding of the C++/Parser
programming model. In particular:

1. You pass a skeleton as a base implementation (base_pimpl_).
2. You haven't connection the parsers.
3. You are trying to call a callback function yourself (title()).
4. You are calling the post() function for an inner parser, not for
   the document root.

I suggest that before you attempt to write any code, you carefully
study the C++/Parser Getting Started Guide and make sure you understand
the C++/Parser programming model.

> In main I tried calling title() function and post_ST(), but none of 
> them could read the contents of <title>

As I said earlier, calling these functions directly from main() doesn't
make any sense whatsoever.

> I am not able to figure out which method I need to overload in order
> to access the contents of <title> element.

The correct term is "override", not "overload". As we discusses earlier,
the ST type has mixed content. The cxx/parser/mixed example in XSD/e
distribution shown how you can parse mixed content data. In your case
you will at least need to override the _any_character() callback.

> Query regarding Android platform:
> I wanted to know that other than building a separate library for android,
> will the driver code that i will write for the classes generated for iOS
> applications would work the  same in android or do I need to write a 
> separate driver code for android applications?

Yes, the same code should work on both platforms provided that you use
C++ features (STL, exceptions, etc) that are available on both iOS and

Note also, that on Android, XSD/e can only be used as part of an NDK-
based application. This may have changed, but the last time I checked,
one still had to implement UI in Java and, depending on your application,
passing parsed XML data from the native code to Java may not be easy.


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