[xsde-users] Name conflict in generated serializer code

Anton Yabchinskiy arn at bestmx.ru
Mon Aug 22 08:36:43 EDT 2011

Hello. I am using XSDe to generate bindings for PSIA XML schemas 
(http://www.psialliance.org). There is a complex type "ResourceDescription" 
in Service.xsd (file is not so big, so it's attached). It has among others 
"post" and "delete" elements. While "delete" is handled properly by 
appending underscore to it, "post" interferes with the virtual post() 
method defined in xsde::cxx::serializer::serializer_base, with compiler 
complaining like this:

error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual const 
error: overriding 'virtual void 

Seems like I have to post process the generated files (or pre process the 
schema) with some kind of sed. Or maybe it is possible to add keywords to 
keyword set of xsde tool? If there is no such possibility, maybe a command 
line option for such thing should be added to xsde tool?
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