[xsde-users] variable length member : suggestion for "_present (bool x)" methods

Ivan Le Lann ivan.lelann at free.fr
Fri Sep 10 04:31:49 EDT 2010

Hi all,

It seems to me that working with variable-length elements
is not as transparent as it could be.

Editing an element schema, with C++ code going from fix to variable
length, you might silently break some code. Typically.

foo f;

If "bar" becomes variable length some day, you're dead.
I propose to add an option to change generated code in "foo":

void foo::
bar_present (bool x)
  if (!x)
    delete this->bar_;
    this->bar_ = 0;
  // patch suggestion : 
  else if (!bar_present())
    this->bar_ = new bar;

If by any chance this suggestion has some success,
I would be glad to provide a patch.


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