[xsde-users] Will XSD/E support XML Schema 1.1 new features?

Kjell Svensson iftroja at live.com
Wed Mar 24 09:30:14 EDT 2010

Thank you for your information
I have found a good article on XML versioning andby doing what he propose will not need any 1.1 support in XSD/E.

> Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 18:23:27 +0200
> From: boris at codesynthesis.com
> To: iftroja at live.com
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> Subject: Re: [xsde-users] Will XSD/E support XML Schema 1.1 new features?
> Hi Kjell,
> Kjell Svensson <iftroja at live.com> writes:
> > However when I have read about how to version xml schemas I get 
> > the impression that 1.1 will have better support, e.g. by using 
> > openContent.
> Yes, that's probably correct. Note, however, that 1.1 still has
> some way to go before it becomes mainstream. The best indication
> of that is the fact that there is only one XML Schema processor
> that support this version, and, in fact, only parts of it. So 
> unless your schemas are for the internal use only, it won't be 
> wise to reply on the features found in 1.1 since others may not
> have a processor for their platform/loanguage/application that 
> supports this version.
> > Our requirement is that the xml shall be possible to extend.
> > Defined elements cannot be removed. And we shall follow the 
> > rule "must ignore any attribute or element that we do not 
> > recognize"
> This can be achieved with wildcards (xsd:any and xsd:anyAttribute)
> in 1.0, though perhaps not as elegantly as in 1.1. The basic idea
> boils down to this:
> <complexType name="person">
>   <sequence>
>     <element name="first-name" type="string"/>
>     <element name="last-name" type="string"/>
>     <any namespace="##any" processContents="skip" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
>   </sequence>
>   <anyAttribute namespace="##any" processContents="skip"/>
> </complexType>
> There could be some difficulties with particle attribution (which were
> also addressed in 1.1) if you have sequences of elements at the end
> but overall it can be made to work (in XSD/e you can disable UPA
> checking in the compiler and the generated code will do the right
> thing).
> Boris
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