[xsde-users] Re: XSDE Execution Problems under Fedora Linux 64-bit

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Mar 1 08:11:05 EST 2010

Hi Bob,

I've CC'ed xsde-users at codesynthesis.com to my reply in case someone else
has a similar question one day.

Bob.Oneil at L-3Com.com <Bob.Oneil at L-3Com.com> writes:

> Hi Boris, is it necessary to build with exceptions enabled if we want to
> detect an XML write error
> and have some output that describes which particular element failed
> validation?  Without exceptions,
> would you simply examine the return value from a write operation, or
> other overload of a virtual 
> function (such as a post()) that would indicate which particular element
> failed validation?

With C++ exceptions disabled, the error handling is performed with error
codes. For more information on error handling with codes during parsing,
see Section 7.3, "Error Codes" in the Embedded C++/Parser Mapping Getting
Started Guide:


For the same during serialization, see Section 8.3, "Error Codes" in the 
Embedded C++/Serializer Mapping Getting Started Guide:


Finally, if you modify the C++/Hybrid object model, there could be memory
allocation errors. For more information on handling these, see Chapter 4,
"Working with Object Models" in the Embedded C++/Hybrid Mapping Getting
Started Guide:


There is also the 'minimal' example in the examples/cxx/hybrid/ directory
of XSD/e distribution that shows how to use error codes for all of the
above operations.


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