[xsde-users] VxWorks crashes when first starting parse

O'Laughlin, Terry Terry.O'Laughlin at ipc.com
Thu Dec 16 09:26:48 EST 2010

It's hard to tell from just using printfs.  We haven't looked at a stack trace yet.
It definitately is getting into the start_root_element function as it's successfully identified the root name.

Who calls the start_root_element function?


Terry O'

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Hi Terry,

O'Laughlin, Terry <Terry.O'Laughlin at ipc.com> writes:

> Our crash occurs sometime after determining the 'name'.

Does it occur still in the start_root_element() function or after it
has returned?

> So any ideas why on VxWorks 5.5.1 this would happen?

There could be multiple reasons, and it will be really hard to pin-point
the problem without a stack trace. I remember one case where the proper
floating point emulation options were not specified for the target
hardware. Similarly, the same code worked fine on other platforms.

> It seems like the crash results from trying to free mememory?

What makes you think so?


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