[xsde-users] VxWorks crashes when first starting parse

O'Laughlin, Terry Terry.O'Laughlin at ipc.com
Wed Dec 15 23:21:55 EST 2010


We have attempted with our code for the very first time, to parse an incoming message using XSDe as the XML parser tool.

We are not exactly sure, but it appears the crash occurs at the beginning of the document_pimpl::parse() function.

We can't be exactly sure,but this is the calling method.

Our parsing design follows the 'multi-root' parser method.

We subclass 'document_pimpl' and override the methods; start_root_element, and end_root_element.

It appears that in the 'start_root_element' we determine the 'name' of the root element correctly.
In our specific case, with code snippet included below, we are trying to parse a 'ConnectRequestAck' message.
With this design, this is where the 'pre()' function is called on the ConnectRequestAck_paggr object, then we return the ConnectRequestAck root parser which ends the 'start_root_element' function.

Our crash occurs sometime after determining the 'name'.

We commented out the 'pre()' but we still crashed...

So any ideas why on VxWorks 5.5.1 this would happen?  It seems like the crash results from trying to free mememory?
We haven't performed a detailed analysis to know exactly which object and function where the exception occurred.
Hopefully we'll do that first thing tomorrow morning (Thurs am).

So we took the input XML data, ran it successfully through our Windows-based parser with no problem.  At least it appeared to have no problem.
So not sure if that is an 'apples-to-apples' test.

I've been parsing our messages on Windows for several weeks now.  This is the first time after integrating the parser into our VxWorks environment to test this functionality.

So we were also thinking that if you could give us some pointers of where to follow the underlying parser code, where we could insert printf statements?  We at present are not using a debugger and hadn't planned on it, so we've been debugging using printfs.

Appreciate the help,


Terry O'

   virtual xml_schema::parser_base*
    start_root_element (const ro_string& ns,
                        const ro_string& name)
    start_root_element (const ro_string& ns,
                        const ro_string& name,
                        const char* /* xsi:type */)

                printf("Start Root Element \n");
        if (name == connectRequest_parser.root_name ())
          connectRequest_parser.pre ();
          return &connectRequest_parser.root_parser ();
        else if (name == connectRequestAck_parser.root_name ())
                                                printf("Start Root Element: connectRequestAck parser \n");
                                                //connectRequestAck_parser.pre ();
//                                            printf("Start Root Element: connectRequestAck parser PRE \n");
                                                printf("Start Root Element: connectRequestAck parser PRE ++++++++ \n");

         return &connectRequestAck_parser.root_parser ();
        else if (name == sessionRequest_parser.root_name ())
          sessionRequest_parser.pre ();

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