[xsde-users] VxWorks Link errors --- strange things ...

O'Laughlin, Terry Terry.O'Laughlin at ipc.com
Thu Dec 9 20:27:46 EST 2010


Any advice would be great...
VxWorks 5.5.1, gnu 2.97? (old compiler/linker), XSDe 3.2 beta

I'm having undefined reference link errors building/linking to generate the filesystem for VxWorks.

Here's how the week has played out so far... Same code, no changes...

Built fine this past Monday, no link errors.

Wednesday ... I had undefined reference errors on ALL, or most all  of my serializer generated code.  But not my parser generated code.
Like 40-60 errors.

Tonight regenerated my code from my schema, regenerated my object files ...

This build now shows 4 link errors:

ldppc -N -X -e _sysInit -Ttext 00010000  \
   -o WAN vxworks/dataSegPad.o WAN.tmp ckversion.o ctdt.o -T /usr/mx/3rdparty/vw5.5/powerpc_qos/target/h/tool/gnu/ldscripts/link.RAM
WAN.tmp: In function `RTCREvents_saggr::RTCREvents_saggr(void)':
WAN.tmp(.text+0x379fb2): undefined reference to `xsde::cxx::serializer::validating::time_simpl::time_simpl(void)'
WAN.tmp(.text+0x379fb6): undefined reference to `xsde::cxx::serializer::validating::time_simpl::time_simpl(void)'
WAN.tmp(.text+0x37a25a): undefined reference to `xsde::cxx::serializer::validating::time_simpl::~time_simpl(void)'
WAN.tmp(.text+0x37a25e): undefined reference to `xsde::cxx::serializer::validating::time_simpl::~time_simpl(void)'
make: *** [WAN] Error 1
[bash-group_17.1_CyberTech_int]olaughlt at merlin:/usr/vobs/processor/WANX/pq>

My xsde compiler build line:

C:\xsde-3.2b\bin\xsde cxx-hybrid  --generate-clone --generate-detach --show-sloc --generate-parser --generate-aggregate --generate-serializer --no-long-long
 --no-stl --no-exceptions --no-iostream    messages.xsd

Any suggestions?

Has anyone seen this type of behavior?


Terry O'

I'm thinking that my compiler flags or linker flags may need to be be updated... weird, no problems with my parser generated code.  But it looks as though most or all of my serializer generated code is having this problem.

VxWorks 5.5.1
Gnu 2.97

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