[xsde-users] Tons of Linker Errors (LIBCMT/___CxxFrameHandler3 etc.)

Marvin M. xsde-users at groenndemon.de
Thu Apr 15 19:02:29 EDT 2010

I would like to parse a schema that contains a xs:choice under
Windows XP (32-bit).

The changes I've made to the default config.nmake are:

XSDE_STL        = n

(Even though I think I don't need XSDE_POLYMORPHIC - unfortunately, as
The library compiles just fine, only the examples don't, but I didn't
worry about that as I assumed that was die to my configuration above.

But when I try to compile my simple console application under Visual
Studio 2008 (empty Win32 console project), I get tons of linker errors.
I don't know much about the linker and depending on what I choose for
/NODEFAULTLIB, /Zl, code-generation options (/MTd, /GS-, runtime library
and whatnot) I get between 9 and over 400 linker errors.

For example, it tells me that the default library "LIBCMT" is in
conflict with other libraries.
Or that symbols like __CrtDbgReportW or ___CxxFrameHandler3 or _strlen
can't be resolved.
Or that other symbols are defined multiple times.

I think this has something to do with different default libraries (like
libc under *nix) being linked to my application than were used to create

I don't know anything about the different types of multi-threaded
runtime environments etc. - all I want is my simple console application
to run!

Can you please help me out? :-/


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