[xsde-users] Unexpected Element Encountered

Tony McConnell amnw14545 at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 16 08:35:08 EST 2009


I'm having a problem trying to get a test parser and test
implementation working with xsde.

I'm using xsde 3.1.0, and performing the following steps:

xsde cxx-parser --force-overwrite --generate-polymorphic
--disable-warning all --generate-print-impl --generate-test-driver
--namespace-map http://datex2.eu/schema/1_0/1_0=datex2

g++ -O0 -g -c -I /opt/libxsde DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0-pskel.cxx
g++ -O0 -g -c DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0-pimpl.cxx -I /opt/libxsde g++ -O0
-o pdriver -g -I /opt/libxsde -L /opt/libxsde/xsde
DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0-pdriver.cxx DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0-pimpl.o
DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0-pskel.o -lxsde

The DATEX2 schema is available at:

An example XML file is available at:

I'm using the MeasuredDataWeatherData.xml from the example messages.

I'm expecting the example implementation to read the entire file and
print out the contents, but it aborts with the following message:
MeasuredDataWeatherData.xml:16:33: unexpected element encountered.

Could somebody please help?

The XML file checks OK against the schema using xmllint...



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