[xsd-users] [Q] XSD in combination with Apache Xml Security

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Mar 12 11:25:26 EDT 2008

Hi Alexander,

Alexander Petry <petry at itwm.fhg.de> writes:

> Is there a known procedure how to integrate other libraries that
> modify the DOM tree with xsd?

As Bradly mentioned in his reply, he did exactly what you are trying
to achieve and I suggest that you check his project.

On a more general note, XSD-generated code for the C++/Tree mapping
extracts/saves the data from/to Xerces-C++ DOM. While some parsing
(serialization) functions encapsulate both the XML-to-DOM (DOM-to-XML)
and DOM-to-object model (object model-to-DOM) stages, you can also
perform the XML-to-DOM (DOM-to-XML) stage yourself and pass DOM
to parsing and serialization functions. This allows you to perform
additional intermediate DOM processing (e.g., verify a digital
signature, remove encapsulating markup, etc.) that your application
might require.

For more information, see chapters 3, "Parsing" and 4, "Serialization":


The C++/Tree Mapping FAQ:


As well as the 'multiroot' example in the XSD distribution.


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