[xsd-announcements] xsd-2.1.1-1-i686-windows.zip released

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed May 17 10:19:12 EDT 2006


We've just released a new precompiled binary distribution for Windows.
The only difference compared to 2.1.1 is updated README file with
corrected instructions on how to set XSD up on Windows. The new README
is also available online:


Thanks to Cheung, Yeung Franklin <fcheung at kns.com> and Johnstun,
Clifford <Clifford.Johnstun at gdc4s.com> for helping to track the
problem down.

You can download the distribution from the usual place:


The SHA1 checksum for the file:

2ff05149b7603af6dde5b1b89e59ca7d6e1d13da  xsd-2.1.1-1-i686-windows.zip

Have fun,
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