[odb-users] ODB 2.5.0-b.21 published

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Oct 27 07:29:59 EDT 2021

We've published ODB 2.5.0-b.21 to cppget.org which adds support for GCC 11.
It also contains a few major new features. From the NEWS file:

 * Support for bulk operations in PostgreSQL 14 using the new pipeline mode.
   For details on bulk operations see Section 15.3, "Bulk Database Operations"
   in the ODB manual. Note that while this functionality requires libpq
   version 14 or later, it should be usable with PostgreSQL servers version
   7.4 or later. The development of this support was sponsored by Qube
   Research & Technologies Limited.

 * Support for SQLite ATTACH DATABASE. Attached databases are represented as
   special odb::sqlite::database instances (see the class documentation for

Note that libpq 14.0.0 is also available from cppget.org.

Regarding SQLite ATTACH DATABASE support, we use this functionality in
the bpkg package manager in order to transactionally manipulate a cluster
of build configurations. So far we haven't ran into any issues in this
functionality though you would need to use SQLite 3.21.0 or later if
you want to be able to ATTACH in transactions.

To install or upgrade to ODB 2.5.0-b.21 see the installation instructions:


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