[odb-users] ODB compiler - Problem with multiple input files (*.h)

Benjamin Schudel benjamin.schudel at nexirius.com
Fri Mar 8 04:04:17 EST 2013


I have a question:

How can I specify multiple input files for the ODB-compiler (version 2.2.0)?

With the compiler version 2.1.1 it was possible to specify multiple input
files like this: “*.h”.

If I try it with the compiler 2.2.0, I get the following exception: “*.h:
error: unable to open in read mode”.

The exact command I am trying:

odb -d sqlite --generate-query --generate-schema *.h

(exact compiler version: odb-2.2.0-i686-windows)

Best regards,

Benjamin Schudel

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