[odb-users] ODB 1.9.0.a1 available

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Mar 7 05:18:32 EST 2012


The first alpha version for the upcoming ODB 1.9.0 is now available. The 
NEWS file entries so far are:

  * Support for C++11. Some of the newly supported C++11 standard library
    components include:
      - std::unique_ptr as object pointer or value wrapper
      - odb::lazy_unique_ptr lazy counterpart
      - std::shared_ptr/weak_ptr as object pointer or value wrapper
      - odb::lazy_shared_ptr/lazy_weak_ptr lazy counterparts
      - support for array, forward_list, and unordered containers
      - connection factory can be passed to the database constructor as
        std::unique_ptr instead of std::auto_ptr

    The ODB compiler now recognizes the --std option. Valid values for this
    option are 'c++98' (default) and 'c++11'. In the runtime libraries the
    C++11 support is header-only which means that the same build of a runtime
    library can be used in both the C++98 and C++11 modes. On UNIX, the tests
    and examples can be compiled in the C++11 mode by passing the necessary
    options to turn the C++ compiler into this mode (e.g., -std=c++0x GCC
    option). On Windows, the tests and examples are always built in the C++11
    mode with VC++ 10 and later. The new 'c++11' example shows ODB support
    for some of the C++11 features.

  * Support for composite object ids. Now a composite value type can be used
    to declare an object id member. For more information, refer to Section
    7.2.1, "Composite Object Ids" in the ODB manual as well as the 'composite'
    example in the odb-examples package.

  * New schema format (--schema-format), 'separate', allows the generation
    of the schema creation code into a separate C++ source file (called
    'name-schema.cxx' by default). This value is primarily useful if you
    want to place the schema creation functionality into a separate program
    or library.

  * New namespace-level pragmas: table, pointer. The table pragma specifies
    the table prefix that is added to table names for all the persistent
    classes inside a namespace. The pointer pragma specifies the default
    pointer type to be used for persistent classes and views inside a
    namespace. For more information, refer to Section 12.5.1, "pointer" and
    Section 12.5.2, "table" in the ODB manual.

  * New exception, odb::session_required, is thrown when ODB detects that
    correctly loading a bidirectional object relationship requires a session
    but one is not used. For more information, refer to Section 6.2,
    "Bidirectional Relationships" in the ODB manual.

This pre-release is available from:


The ODB compiler binaries are only provided for Windows, and GNU/Linux
x86_64. The SHA1 sums for all the files in this pre-release are provided
at the end of the email.

Testing and feedback are much appreciated.

5ab1b47d27630a7706a9582d204f657f05206e1c  libodb-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
5905f7ab38391d31de142114ad4b5511b12e43ff  libodb-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
bc52f280ac2e97e394acefeec3bc12c2bd44e61f  libodb-1.9.0.a1.zip
10fb5ad6b857a678a06b6438f22c65cc370f6d5e  libodb-boost-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
67ee52a192f949a1cdd5167ec19c977ac7e23064  libodb-boost-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
433bbf9ac4947a2a72fba98184f815a6b969ea91  libodb-boost-1.9.0.a1.zip
3a283b60004cb6f88f62f2811e11805b25768a7a  libodb-mssql-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
dc502f256610f7136cb3f3346ae9f00525211055  libodb-mssql-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
b8b2caad1b38e85f11b9f96d6c9485f6e7d04e01  libodb-mssql-1.9.0.a1.zip
47d2d6c40efa3721f5f408fa080eb219bb8a8537  libodb-mysql-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
94ec8033ce7777fe789397cd04f6a68e98a2b51e  libodb-mysql-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
0939cfae49942f36578ff628c90f0adaf964ac62  libodb-mysql-1.9.0.a1.zip
8a8e59dea00d138ad16c674304dab495e6b1f6ad  libodb-oracle-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
35b872e982d3a53812ed0b660aa87407d0fbec41  libodb-oracle-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
ba731ef4cdaee3ba4468b7be46ab3ba56944028a  libodb-oracle-1.9.0.a1.zip
707c4d261f7bbc84cbe7164e02e5d8f78ae1ebcb  libodb-pgsql-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
bc0349f2608c10a450699d3ea95b715b0bf97631  libodb-pgsql-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
06308e06145e6cc2142e30358e71a3d4e4cdc2bb  libodb-pgsql-1.9.0.a1.zip
6ef12a2e068246420d14ccaa2253f088913f6f0f  libodb-qt-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
59b78f1c13cafd52272113ea43ce10ee90eb259e  libodb-qt-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
ae36cda3ec4a1a189daa1470b694979577c3caef  libodb-qt-1.9.0.a1.zip
27851e2283eaff56c8b081b38a5977c601f11464  libodb-sqlite-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
d20a7bef796f253b5486218ad200875d075e32b8  libodb-sqlite-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
d2a8d3e71be179ee3e641a08d05387f9c3aa9021  libodb-sqlite-1.9.0.a1.zip
afdb91f840b9c83b3f8b07f4f4fb341c3b4225b7  odb-1.9.0.a1-i686-windows.zip
71a8884585dfa168d524bb30f4c9035c07f5e48a  odb-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
8cab76a79f77cfd8eaffd1fb837d8d168f3ea03c  odb-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
a47b2ca7ac6d6977f163692ace96c4bba1b30cb1  odb-1.9.0.a1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
67c11f10871de3919773c39542a040973da8a59a  odb-1.9.0.a1.zip
111f1fd877e933940efd15402e278da82fa9cf5c  odb-examples-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
5cac5364d9f3f0e7c0842edd9b14f6f0d072ab25  odb-examples-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
988bfc21a5256b8433d24fed783baa808d413e2c  odb-examples-1.9.0.a1.zip
c732784b7b8fcc4d4fd02beaa1e37e9aeafed6e0  odb-tests-1.9.0.a1.tar.bz2
30c4ee385c46874027f6fa254feb8b2518caf0de  odb-tests-1.9.0.a1.tar.gz
49192eb05d4024fe81a0f0bd16a1e05dd7ddce81  odb-tests-1.9.0.a1.zip


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