[odb-announcements] ODB compiler source 1.6.2 bugfix released

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Oct 31 10:41:02 EDT 2011


A new bugfix release for the ODB compiler source package is now
available. It fixes an issue with plugin include paths in GCC 4.6.

You only need to upgrade if (1) you are trying to build the ODB
compiler from source code yourself (as opposed to using a binary
package) and (2) you are using GCC 4.6 and experiencing build
problems. For more information on this issue, refer to the
following mailing list thread:


You can download the package from the ODB download page:


SHA1 checksums for the files in this release are as follows:

c51343e310f838bc5e2780650cb1a2562099bdec  odb-1.6.2.tar.bz2
428d5a9161e4fc33c95fb6329786f27b016b5485  odb-1.6.2.tar.gz
4b2adb85ddc835f8237cf822bd487e248491ad8c  odb-1.6.2.zip


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